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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Got-to-Have Games of January

   I know, I know, I've been naughty and lied when I said I'd be here, but I can't control these crazy flesh-eating goats! They tried to make me play bingo..

     So I'm going to talk about the got-to-have games of January! Obviously... you read the title. Unless you're blind.. and then you can't read it, unless... you have an awesome piece of technology that can transform words into dots that you can read, and even then.. no, let's not get into that.

   Here's the list of games you should buyyyy! (and maybe buy me? It's a great investment.)

   Release Dates:
PC/360 - January 26, 2010
PS3 - January 18, 2011

      Personally, I haven't played the first game (although while writing this my boyfriend is sitting with me and playing it.. does that count?), but this game... seems promising... you know, for a futuristic game..
  Throughout the game, you're building up resources, collecting information, upgrading the ship, and getting your fellow survivors on the ship to trust you by completing challenges and missions. There's different endings, although most of them seem to be rather depressing.. but hey, Shepard can either live, die, team members die... or everyone just dies.. god, am I the only one that will need Prozac to possibly play this game? But hey! The good news is that you can visit new places, and umm.. new weapons! Yaaaaay! Everyone loves new weapons, and biotic powers, tech powers, combat abilities, ammo powers/upgrades, and some old favorite forms of powers are returning, so that will be nice to those that like subtle change through-out game and are fans of story-telling... which is pretty much people like me. And for those PS3 goers, if you cant wait for this game, switch your fanboyism over to the 360, because it was already released.. and months ago.

 Want more?

     Release Dates:
  PS3/360 - January 18, 2011
       There's several factors into making a great game.. Gameplay, character controls, and -drumroll- story.. and then comes visuals. From what I've seen, this game has awesome graphics (but what's with the gorilla on the cover wearing armor?), and it has a decent story line.
 What's it about?
      Well... it takes place in 2031 (maybe we do survive December 2012..), and the government is in decline and organizations are more than corrupted.. meanwhile, there's a machine that reads minds, and the main character is from a group of rogue agents who can "hack" the minds of enemies (must be that gorilla..), civilians, and even mechanics. The developers pride themselves on creating a game that ends where the imagination ends, although how many developers have said that and the game lived up to that expectation? And no one say "Little Planet", because it's stupid.
    From so far, this game really caterers to conspiracy theorists and... well, no.. that's all I got. People like me, who are conspiracy theorists, although... the government does have a mind control machine, don't let them fool you.
> >'

  Want more?

      Release Dates:
    PS3/360/PC - January 25, 2011
         I have to be honest with this game... I didn't like the first one, and thank God I rented it. it wasn't because it was scary (because it wasn't), but because the character control was.. sloppy.. at best. The point-of-view as a player was weird, the controls were uncoordinated, and it just wasn't great... but enough about the first one...
    With this being Dead Space 2, expectations are up.. people want more zombies, more freaky aliens, more fright and story.. and it offers all of the above, and more! Taking place three years after Dead Space, the story still stars with the government and something about an illness.. I guess we can look foreword to the government poisoning people with permanent illnesses... oh! And something new! This game, unlike Dead Space, features multiplayer combat.. although, do we really want to see a single-player game really head towards multiplayer combat?

Want more?

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