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Saturday, August 28, 2010

How in the world..?

 Most people just call me Syn... and I'm disorganized and not very good with following through with ideas and quite honestly, this is one of those things where I woke up (quite angry) and just decided that I was going to do something.. despite my short attention span and unwillingness of finishing things.

 What led me to this idea was the fact that everytime I decide to get into a CoD (Call of Duty for those unsavy) lobby, people decide that they would rather believe that a talking unicorn is communicating with them rather than a female who is even slightly decent at video games... no boys, girl gamers exist... the pot you decided to smoke 2 days ago is not messing with your brain.

 I'm also here to share some insight of video games.. from something that isn't realistic to what the people behind the game should actually be focusing on.

This week (or for now..) the game is...

Everyone knew it was coming.

Mafia 2
Rating: 7.5/10

  While the gaming experience was overall so realistic... it's frustrating that the game was so short, it literally took me 12.5 hours to complete, and sure... I play games like this on Easy so I don't have to get blinded by my own frustration of dying to completely deny the excellence of the plot. Visually, it was exciting. The interaction with the police and the people around you and what you can do in the game, like what you eat can effect you and you can bribe the police, it was genius. However, the ending could've been better and more job opportunities would've been nice... as fun as robbing stores and crushing cars is, I would've liked being a taxi driver and listening to the soundtrack.. seriously, because of the game I now have a new age iPod filled with music from a century ago. Another plus was the fact that you really got to follow Vito's (main character) life and be able to connect more emotionally to this character than previous 2K characters... you got to follow him in the war, when he went home to his family, before he was in the mob, while he was in jail, and then while he was working up the mob ladder and doing jobs I don't even think Al Capone would even get near.

....but for a certain price

  I wish they would've stuck with the idea of having four alternate endings instead of just keeping the one ending because "it was so much better", it would've increased the idea of replaying the game over and over again, instead of just playing it once and then going back to GameStop just to trade it in for something like Heavy Rain. Also, everyone knows that Playboy is a HUGE piece of Americana... it's the reason why America has been so great since 1953... - wait, what? 1953? But in the game you're collecting the magazines in the 1940's, so yeah.. that's another flaw. I wish they would've brought in something realistic to the time that was collectible, like baseball cards, or comic books... even though when you think of the Mafia you think of tailored suits, money, and classy girls surrounding you, so baseball cards don't even have any room in that suave cocktail.. oh well. One other thing I don't like as well is that unless you focus on the challenges, you might be stuck with the game at 71% complete.

  Like I said, Mafia 2 was a standard 3rd-person shooter, so you're focusing more on plot and the plot was amazing, lead by awesome graphics (unless you have the PS3 version, they cut out some details in order to make room for video frame, according to wiki)... short game play time for $60. The ending left some room open for interpretation and a possible beginning for Mafia 3 which that could be exciting depending on how much Mafia 2 makes and if the developers are interested in continuing the story on a deeper level. I would recommend this game to those who like the GrandTheftAuto series, who are into 30-50's America, or who are just interested in things related to the mob.

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