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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alice in Please-Not-Tim-Burton Land

 I don't care what anyone says, Tim Burton's take on Alice in Wonderland was like watching two dogs hump, you didn't want to watch it... but you couldn't stop. Here's the test if you're going to survive a serious threat to human species:
    - if you liked Tim Burton's Alice in wonderland... congrats, you'll be dead.
    - if you're asking "Tim Burton made an Alice in Wonderland?", you're going to live. You're also going to live if you remember it, but thought it sucked so don't care wither way, which also includes every movie critic out there (LAWLZFAIL@Burton).

   Now, I'm writing about this because American McGee is coming out with Alice in Wonderland: Madness Returns, and you know what? It achieves everything Burton failed to do with tons writers, special effects teams, make-up artists, camera crews, high paid actors, and "dynamic" angles to try and bring back artistic value to the film (since the movie didn't have enough CG). This game brings darkness, gore, and monsters.

   Personally, I remember being a young girl and walking through game stores and seeing the first American McGee Alice game on the shelf and I was intoxicated by it... even just looking at the cover and reading the plot and everything that came with it, and you know what? It lived up to my tiny kid expectations of what the game should be like, and 10 years later?Here's the second one coming out, and just in the first part of 2011 (although other sites say Fall of 2011).

  This game continues with Alice being free from the Asylum and being relocated to some shrink... her mind goes crazy and she starts hallucinating, and ends up losing her mind by thinking about her parents "mysterious" death. So, what does she do? Probably what every normal... or crazy, person would do... she starts imagining her own little world in order to escape reality. And that world? Yeah, Wonderland. So.. her crooked imagination pretty much ruins her wonderland and everything in it, so she now has to fix it and make everything better. Yeah, yeah.. the plot doesn't sound all that exciting, but when the first game came out, it was known for amazing soundtracks and graphics that were completely ahead of it's time.
   Back then, computer games weren't really known for being graphically striking or the most amusing plot-wise... and McGee was kinda the one that went out there and really tried to create a good and long story that people could enjoy.. and he accomplished that. So am I excited? Hell yes.

   The game is going to be available on the PC, Xbox360, and PS3. If you have the PS3, I would recommend getting the game for that (if you're not a PC gamer) because with games coming out on the PS3, they're taking advantage of the space on the cds that xbox seems to lack now.

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