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Friday, September 24, 2010

Why aren't you in school!?

     I'm not really a news site, but with everything going on about California and it's law to "ban mature video games sales to minors without parental consent", I had to mention this. Why? Because it ties in with the fact that I'm annoyed at kids playing mature video games, and moreso annoyed at the parents who let them.

   As a gamer, it's annoying to hear kids trying to use "adult language".. and I'm talking about kids who are 8-14 years old.. when they're at the moment of their lives that a 20 year old girl sounds more like a man than they do. It's frustrating to literally have them screaming in your ear, team killing, and also taking your kills. I'm frustrated right now just thinking about it.

So Angry I Could Hold a Rolling Pin

   Now anyway, the original writer of the bill was LeLand Yee (he's azn)... and in 2005 State Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed it as a law, so... pretty much on Novermber 2, 2010... Hollywood and the Video Game Industry are going to Supreme Court and fighting their case that it breaks the First Amendement and right of Free Speech... and the reason why I think the rest of Hollywood is behind video games is just the fact that they don't want the law to limit their mature sales to any audience either.. so really, they're there for their own selfish benefits.

   I'm on the fence about this... the law is bringing up "studies" that say that playing mature video games can create violence, distraction, and take away socialization that people naturally need... and the Video Gaming industry is just bringing the fact that it's in violation of First Amendment.

   Personally, I think if parents were parents and watched over their kids.. then the law wouldn't need to step in and do it for them. This is the opposite of parents boycotting Vanessa Hudgens, they rioted to Disney to fire her when they could've simply just turned the tv and radio off. And then in the other corner, you have parents who don't care enough to the point where the law has to step in and help with parenting.

  Activison CEO Bobby Kotick actually said, "California could and should have adopted any number of measures and campaigns designed to ensure even higher rates of parental understanding of, and reliance on, the industry regulation system.".. which I agree. And for parents reading this.. that means:

    I know I'm not a parent or anything,  but I do know that I love these games and I know I would never let my kids play these games until they got to a certain age. The fact of the matter is, you're really introducing your kid to hostility and very adult language and topics without any care or shield. 8 Year Olds should NOT be on Mature Games, they should be playing what I grew up playing and that would be Mario-something, or even Go Fish. I understand if they're annoying, (trust me, I know all about that, I'm the one stuck with them while you're sitting in the other room sipping your frappaccinos), but don't dish them out to other people.

   Back to what the studies said about kids playing mature video games end up "more violent".. I actually agree. I know a ton of kids on my block who grew up playing video games and I can't count how many verbal and physical fights they get in at school, their grades suck, they have a low attention span, and they're tempermental... can't even talk to them without them having them rant like Mel Gibson on steroids.

In the end: Take care of your kids, they piss me off... or find someone else to be a parent for you.



  1. nice blog "aesthetiksyn" haha you should write reviews for gamespot or one of those sites :P

  2. lol, thankyou. I actually wrote a "user review" on Halo: Reach on gameinformer, gave it a 6.75/10 and let's just say alot of people didn't agree. lol...

    But I wouldn't mind writing for a site like gameinformer, gamestop, gamespot, etc... I do write for a website:
    It's not a huge site but it's growing.

    For now, I just like writing here and there =p
    but thankyou

  3. You're welcome..yeah halo is nothing special, I find they are all the same which makes it boring. Games like CODMW2 and FF XIII is where it's at annnnnnnd can't forget NHL :D too bad I didn't have xbox live I'd school ya at cod :P lol

  4. I'm just not a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica type stuff, I'm more into realistic things, so COD really caters to that. Maybe for Christmas I'll ask for COD: Black-Ops for PS3.. I've been wanting to start gaming on PS3 anyway.

    And FF is forever going to be good, even if it runs out of good story, the graphics will make up for it (somewhat), and everyone will remember of previous FFs.

    ... I don't play NHL or fagola games. lol

    Roflz. Yeaaaaa-no. =]. But my PSN: AesthetikSyn (original, I know). I only plays games on it like Red Dead Redemption and games that you can't play live on.. which is sad. I use one console to play on live which costs money, and then the one that has internet for free, I only play non-multiplayer games on

  5. Lol that space shit is lame..I prefer games that I know have been good since ps1 (like resident evil) and arent made by some half ass company...haha maybe santa will bring you that game :P yeah I hear ps3 has better graphics plus the blu-ray..I just got a good deal on my 360 so I'm gonna keep it till it dies then maybe get a ps3.

    Without a doubt, FF never disappoints..they put so much into those games and the graphics are top notch compared to most games out's kinda odd how you can only control one character in the battle but oh well guess they wanted to make everything quicker. It sure has changed alot since FFVII (my fav one)

    Pfft some sports games are fun when playing with friends..but everyone has there own taste in games.

    hahahah yeeeaaahhhhhhhh precision shooting short bursts :) Well they have wi-fi on those new 360's so wouldnt that be free or..? I dunno I've never been into that whole online multiplayer fiasco ..tried it on my buddies original xbox and it lags so much then 8/10 you get killed almost right away fun :/

  6. lol.. Yeah, ps2 might always be the number 1 console, it has the most games and it's just a simple old fashioned console. What I like about the PS3 is that it does have free internet, the games for it have more video space and a bigger memory... but Microsoft doesn't think that blu-ray will last as long as DVD or other types of cds will last.. they think it's a "for the moment" type of product.. so.. eh. I personally think the PS3 will kick blu-ray out there more.

    Yeah, the 7th one was amazing.. one of the best, I think. I've been wanting to find a copy but no luck.

    True, sports games are one of those things that you have to play with a friend, and Halo is kinda like that. It's fun to play with other people but it's boring to play it by yourself.

    For the 360 you have to pay for internet on the console, it was 50 dollars before but they're raising it to 60 on november 1... i'm 99% sure anyway. The online playing could depend on your friends connection, if it's the type of connection where he's in africa and he's running it through a hamster on a wheel, then it would be slow. lol

  7. I'd say sony has always done better then microsoft quality and game wise...besides making those first ps2's that would scratch dvd's/games and crap out after awhile..but since the slim ps2 I think they learned from that...well isn't blu-ray supposed to eventually replace dvd' would think it is ..more money for the fat cats :/

    Lol you think?? ..I doubt you'll find one in a store..I had to get mine on ebay which wasn't cheap (75$) since it was the original black label not the greatest hits version

    For sure halo is fun to play with long as they arent cheap with the grenades lol

    Ahh I'm good on that I'd rather just buy another game for 60 bucks..true true it is about the connection speed..haha slow as molasses!

  8. Yeah... slim was amazing when it comes out.

    DFYHUIJOKL 75? Jeeze.. yeah, maybe I'll ask for it for christmas.

    lol. Slow as molasses going uphill.

  9. Hahaha ROFL That's true there's nothing more annoying that a 8 years old kid screaming on the mic.

  10. wait.. no... there's british kids. lol. although i guess it depends, I'm sure british folks find america kids more annoying than a bee sting in an eye ball.