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Saturday, October 2, 2010

No, No More, No More Zombies.

  So Red Dead Redemption is coming out in late October with a zombie expansion pack called Undead Nightmare, I'm assuming it's about zombies taking over the small area of the United States and Mexico that you get to play in the game, and you have to stop them and shoot them with various weapons.. which is typical because I've never seen a game where you have to team up with zombies, as a human,  in order to corrupt the order of a civilization. In this expansion pack, people are zombies, animals are zombies, and even some "mythical" creatures.

... not joking.

 Different things are going to be featured in RDR's new DLC.. such as new single-player missions, 8 different type of zombie characters, the zombie animals/creatures, *dynamic* events which Rockstar is known for providing to it's fans, new gameplay mechanics, a secret location.. which is no longer a secret, new weapons (including the Blunderbuss) , and new multiplayer modes. Which is "ooooo... exciting..".. maybe...
  Another great thing, and this might be a spoiler, they're bringing back some old characters! And one of them is Bonnie McFarlane, which is one of my favorite characters.. not to sound like a bra-burning feminist (although bra burning really didn't happen..), but Bonnie was really the woman living in the man's world, and she took it by the no-no area and swung it around, and it wouldn't surprise me if that's why their video game world rotates.

  But seriously, I'm getting tired of the whole "zombie" thing though. COD has zombies, Left4Dead is all zombies, this has zombies, everything has zombies... I mean, hell... they even zombified Hello-freakin-Kitty.


   What vampires are in movies and television, zombies are for video games... and it's annoying. I feel like I could vomit up a zombie and everyone in the gaming industry would be buldozing down my door in order to use it in a video game featuring... ZOMBIESSSS. ooo... (and I vomit rainbows and ponies).
   When my boyfriend first told me that RDR was doing this idea, I almost cried. RedDeadRedemption was such a good game, gameinformer (or some other site) said that it was almost too perfect to a fault, and blah.. I don't think so.. it was a good game.. worth the money.. but why did it have to take this turn? Sure, alot of people get sick and tired of playing cops and robbers or cowboys and indians, but there has to be more ideas than "Zombies: The Expansion Pack - 14th edition". They could've done a peice of "moving back to the east!", they could've done a sack race to the gold mines! Anything but zombies.. it's like what I was talking about with Halo, it's the idea that people come up in the boardroom meetings because they want to continue a game and make money, but have no original concepts, and so they turn to that one idea that they know would sell... which in this case is zombies. And I'm tired of it.

  However, the graphics in the expansion pack are incredible. I've watched the Undead Nightmare trailer video and have seen screenshots and so far I'm not disappointed with the overall view of everything and what it's about. Steve Martin, the studio director of Rockstar, also stated that the expansion pack tells you how the zombie outbreak occured and how it's affecting society and where the game takes place, so.. there is a whole different story to it.. which is nice. It's not like Nazi Zombies in COD where you just enter a game mode and zombies run at you, it does include story, so... that's refreshing and something to look foreward to. The "con" though would be the fact that it is $9.99/800 MSP, so.. I'm not sure if it's really worth all that much, for that amount of money I could go and do ceramics and be completely happy or I could even go to the gym for the whole day and be happy, or.. even buy a COD Map Pack. But, if you're a fan of the game then I wouldn't let this slip by you.

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