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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pet Peeves in Gaming

     The gaming world is filled with surprises.. different personalities, ideas, habits, methods.. etc, the list goes on. But some things are just CRAZY ANNOYING.. and here, I will explain them and then hopefully everyone will live by them and be careful to never ever piss me off (because in reality, everyone should live and breathe this blog). 

It's consuming her soul..

      1. Inviting the Unwanted
    I'm all for starting up parties and playing with friends, but have some manners and ask everyone else in the party if it is okay to invite a few people, especially when you aren't the person hosting the party anyway. Personally... in COD, I don't care, I like GroundWar, but there's some people on my friends lists who I can't stand and I rather not deal with them at all.. and before anyone writes a comment, muting them isn't enough. So people, don't be obnoxious, ask people if it's okay to bring someone in before doing so.. it's just common courtesy.

      2. You've been killed by: TheKillerWhale
     I love unique names and awesome names, but I don't want to be killed by the BraveLittleToaster. Or TheEngineWhoCould. Usernames with a buttload of numbers in them are also annoying, and more so because.. it's number. It's not attractive. Everyone should be able to think up of a username that doesn't consist of "358735". Also, the more X's you have in your username, the more officially annoying you are. Which, speakin of usernames or gamertags, why are people modding theirs? If you don't like your name, just ask people to report you and recreate a new one.. your name doesn't need to consist of curse words or rainbows.

     3. Hidden Clan Tag Messages

    I see this ALL the time, a guy has to have a penis or a person bending over as their clan tag, and it's so... stupid. You must really like penis in order to try to and make the shape of it as your clan tag and flaunt it around for thousands of people to see. I don't think guys understand what they seem like whenever they do this. And the person-bending-over clantag? Again, that could be a guy for all I know because there's no curves or anything. There's also the clan tag with the gun, which... that's alot cooler than the penis one, but still annoying. And also when people have "sexy" or curse words as their clan tag or username... I could go on about this all day, but how hard are you working your tiny little brain and how much time are you spending to try and get pass the filter just to curse? Is it even worth it? Noooo. There's no pink mystical unicorn presenting you a box of chocolates if you can succeed getting past censors and filters.

           < There was suppose to be a pic inserted here but I couldn't find a Unicorn presenting chocolates to a nub >

     4. RPG-7 = Retarded&Pathetic Gamers who are 7. (CoD)
    No one should use this... at all. My idea for grenade launchers? Make them lock on to an automobile or something instead of free shooting. Can I take my stinger out and shoot someone in the face? Noooo. So.. what is the difference between that and the RPG? Nothing, IRL. So why is there a difference within the game that prides itself on being "realistic"? Exactly. They may have changed it up to give gamers more options, but give them more options by giving them equality, if you're going to have a grenade launcher shoot freely without lock-ons, allow the others to do that as well.

    5. Take the mic out of your throat.
   Scientists could conduct a study of what the difference is between counties and how they use their mics, but I'll save them from spending all their money and time and I'll just say it here.
   USA: Mic away from mouth and shouting/yelling
   Canada: Mic away from mouth and whispering
   UK: Mic in their throat and shouting/yelling.
 And that's completely accurate. If you've been in a lobby with Americans and people from the UK, they're in a constant screaming match, the only difference is that you can understand what the American is saying because they don't have their mic so close to their mouth where it sounds like white noise. And Canadians.. you can't hear them either way, so that doesn't matter; the loudest I've ever heard a Canadian, it was at the same level as an American whispering. Either way, 2/3 of people are screaming into their mics and it's ridiculous, I feel bad for those who have TurtleBeaches because they have to hear the annoyances 2x greater than what I have to on regular cheapo headsets.

    6.  Horrible Hosting..
   I hope whoever reads this, spams the mailboxes of the creators of COD, because they need to pay attention to this one: Instead of just settling for ANY host, get a good host. I am, as I'm sure other gamers, are willing to wait 1 minute in a lobby to get an amazing host, rather than spend 15 seconds in a lobby and get a crappy host and have that "Waiting for new host..." window every five seconds because some idiot person can't replace his hamster-in-a-wheel device for a REAL router.

   7. Save an Eardrum, Don't Sing
   I am so guilty of doing this that it is ridiculous... but I do it to have fun and goof around, but I can't stand it when I'm in a yelling match with someone (I'm from Jersey, US of A), and someone is singing "WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS!!???" it makes me want to hop through the Ethernet
cable and beat their hippie-humpin asses. But, again... I sing worst songs, like "That's Amore" by Dean Martin... love that song. But if you were to be the next Rihanna or Usher, you would be singing infront of producers, not to idiots on Xbox Live. So don't sing, don't rap, don't do anything other than talking. Also... no blaring the radio, that's just dumb. It comes through the speakers all fuzzy and white noise-ish and it doesn't sound good.

    8. "Wasn't Me!"
   We've all kicked someones ass in a game at one point or another... and ofcourse they always say "that was my friend playing, not me.". No, it was not your friend, it was you, and you know what? Personally, if I had friends over, the last thing I would be doing is playing video games or being on the laptop joking around... that is obnoxioussss. When I have friends around, we go to the gym, walk around, run errands together, and possibly go out for lunch. Drop the act, you suck... end of story. And here's a question... you have your friend over, you probably don't live together... if they're coming over to spend time with you, why are you going to put a headset on and talk to other people?

    9. Modding: Why Brag?
   Now... I have a good story for this. Me and my friends (and an idiot someone invited in, for the sake of it, we'll call him PileOfPoop), we got into a lobby.. played the game, in the game he was bragging how he bought a mod, now.. these guys we were playing against were pretty good, but we won, and PileOfPoop, out of everyone, goes and says "Nice modding _____". And I can't have that, so I call him out on it, "You just bragged that you bought a mod". His reply? "It's a bad mod"... seriously? You spent the money to buy a mod in the first place and try to talk trash and say it's a bad mod? Get outta here. Needless to say, modding isn't cool.. and neither is bragging about it. I always get into lobbys these days that has some Try Hard bragging how he has a mod and aim bot.

   10: Real Men Insult Women, Apparently.
   I always get called things... all the time. Lesbian, butch, bitch, and some other things which are explicit... and I also have witty comments for them, but these guys are stupid. They meet a girl on xbox and their instinct is to disrespect her? Where's the love? If I was a guy on xbox, I would rather play with a girl than a guy.. but nope. These guys want the full on guy action... or gay action. Whichever. And it's sad.. would these guys want other guys to talk about their moms like that? or daughters if they had any? I've had guys say "Hey! That's a girl! It's fat chick thursday!". Fat? I don't even like junkfood, the only junkfood I like is soul food and that's mac and cheese and I make it without butter, thankyou. (You cut over 1000 calories a serving if you make it the way I make it.. and it tastes good). Grow up boys... once you get past the "cootie stage", the world is way better and more likely to listen to your dribble.


    I'm sure as I continue gaming and venture off into other worlds, I'll find more things that irritate me.. but I guess what everyone can learn from this is I can't stand people and I especially can't stand people who act all big and bold because 1,000+ miles is seperating us.

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