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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

**UPDATED** Fable 3: Third Time's a Charm **UPDATED**

    So the boy and I bought Fable 3 today, and let me tell you, it's something to invest in (so far, I only played the game for 3 hours until the boyfriend took over, so who knows? Something in the game might piss me off later down the road but until then, I like it). Now, I've played Fable I and I wasn't a huge fan of it, my boyfriend wouldn't let me look at, let alone touch, Fable 2 because it was so "horrible"... and Fable 3? Definately something that could convert the Fable-nonbeliever.

   There's so much stuff in the game you could do... and I'm at the part where things seemed to be repetitive, you know... you run around, you do favors for people while they do nothing for you, and then surprise! It ends up not being boring like other games, the minigames involved in the game really makes such a great gaming experience and the way your character is really your character is entertaining.

       I give this game a 8.50/10
It's easy but not too easy to where it can get extremely boring, so.. it's a good game from gurus to nubs and offers a variety of mini games to keep your gamer mind attracted. The game overall is great and worth the money... you don't have to worry about playing the whole game through and then throwing it on the shelf once you finish it, it does have replay value from what I've seen so far and for gamers, that should always be a delight (most people don't think gamers care about money... but realistically, we save every penny we find to buy a game every week).

    The Pros about this game::        - Have Your Own Business
        - Get Married
        - Choose your Gender
        - Have Kids or Pull a Brangelina and Adopt a Whole Village
        - Choose to be Good, Bad, or in Between
        - Customize your Character Along the Way
        - Easy to make Money so No Worrying About Spending it and Losing it Forever
        - The Dog (I'm a dog person, what can I say?)
        - Minigames
        - Interact with your Friends Online with your Characters
        - *Option* Make your own Character Online and have it in the Game
        - The Graphics: (landscapes, characters, towns, etc.)

     The Negatives of this game::
       - The Graphics Sometimes aren't in tune with Sound Effects
        - Game Play *can* Become Insanely Sluggish
        - The Menu and Button Setting can Take Time to get Used to
        - It's only for the Xbox360 (sorry PS3 enthusiasts).

        As I said, the game is entertaining and you get your money's worth. Who couldn't love that? However, I know I didn't beat the game yet, so we'll see how I feel after a few days and I'll report back here to tell if my opinions have changed or remain the same. **I won't be posting a new post, just updating this one, so look out for that.)


        Hey guys! Okay, so I beat the game and I have to say, I still give it an 8.50. The story and all the missions were great, I could've settled for one more big city mission except for dealing with only... 3 big missions and cities? But eh, every game like this settles for just 3 big missions these days. Close to the end.. there's a bit of a surprise... for me there was anyway. When I expected the game to end, it didn't! And it kept on going. Another great thing about this game, even when the credits are done rolling.. you're still playing. Not sure if they had it in previous Fable's but I love the idea of just running around and now being about to do whatever.

        This time around, I'm going to be an evil person.. (would it be cliche if I put in a "muahuahua" right here?). So I'll see what the story is like this time around.. if it changes or if certain advents are replaced. That will be fun to see what the developers did with that.

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