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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Call of Duty: What is Next?

 I know that Black-Ops was just released.. but I can't help thinking: What's next?
I got this idea from surfing around on GameInformer and someone had written a blog about what could come next in the CoD Series, and the guy had several ideas, so.. I figured I would write some of my own ideas.. maybe some coming from him and some I'm just thinking would be interesting.

    Civil War:
 All COD games seem to revolve around USofA, so why not do a game that shows the USA completely at a battle with itself? Sure, there would be some minor controversy with the campaign or the game itself I can imagine, because of what the Civil War started from, but I think it would be an interesting concept and it would allow the developers to really have a great campaign and story.

    Revolutionary War: Our country started with angry farmers and pitchforks against an army with heavy ammunition. Why not have a game that shows the struggles America had when it was just starting? Ofcourse, it would have to be very close to true events so that us history buffs could have something to oogle over.. but I think it would be interesting to play and even interesting to see what kind of story they give the game.

    Napoleonic Wars:
 Napoleon Bonaparte was a hit-or-miss kinda guy... when he won, he won big, when he lost.. he lost everything. I think it would be awesome to follow Napoleon through battle and to see his struggles with England and having Russia thrown into the mix on top of trying to rule his country. In Black-Ops you see JFK making commands, so why not live an adventure with Napoleon in and out of his battles?

    Benito Mussolini: As you guys know, I love all things italian.. so brace yourselves. Mussolini was an Italian politician who is like the Godfather of Fascism. Now, I think this in an interesting concept because you do have Hitler thrown in here who practically kissed Mussolini's ass every second of every day.. so it would be awesome to see that relationship between the two.. but, it would take place and tie in WW2, and that would kinda repeat WorldAtWar, but who cares? It was a great game. But we could also see some italian mob references and how they influenced government, which would just create such a great story.

    Blood Diamonds:  I was watching something on tv about Blood Diamonds and Africa, and it was about this one person going in and looking for diamonds and becoming a victim of war and this gang dictator (I forget his name).. but the story was so interesting and I could watch that documentary over and over again. This is a great concept because it shows the gangs that Africa has and what is going over there as far as politics and different corruption, as well as war.. and it leaves so much room for interpretation and story.

    Third-World:  Don't know how many third-world countries there are, but I know there's a lot... and I'm sure there's some that we don't even know exist. I think it would be cool to see the wars they have with eachother, struggles of food, health, sanity, while I'm sure they wouldn't make it too realistic because these are topics that can be a bit sensitive.. it's a great idea.. the weapons would be hard to figure out, but it would make an interesting game.

    Dracula and the Ottomans:  This is something you learn in history class for a week and then completely forget. Vlad the Impaler is such an interesting person... I think anyway, and it would be great to see the battle between him and the Ottomans.. this is a guy who killed 40,000-100,000 people during 1400's, and in sick and sadistic ways. Yeah, it's a great concept, I don't think it would transfer well to a game that's so widely played because it would be very dark and gruesome... but he's an interesting figure and if you don't know about him, look him up.

    G.I. Jane: This would really have to depend on the game and where it would take place... but they need to add a female character. I don't know how many other girls I meet while playing this game... but there's tons of them out there who love COD just as much I d- no... no one could love this game more than I do.. but maybe they enjoy it almost as much as I do. So I think a female character would be nice and I know it would be very appreciated.

   Subscription Fees: Now.. I'm not looking forward to this, but the article I read said that paying a fee in order to play multiplayer isn't too unrealistic. First off... Bobby Kotick is a smart, smart guy... no matter how obnoxious he is or can be, and he knows if the price is too high, no one will play. If I have a game out there that millions of people are playing and I charge a dollar a month for people to play, they'll pay that because they figure it's nothing... but it all adds up. It all depends on what the charge is.. I don't think it's a good idea that will win people over because you pretty much spend $120 total to take full advantage of a game...not including system or accessories, or even Internet bill.

    I know the next game in the series is being developed by Sledgehammer developers who have created Dead Space (didn't like it), Ratchet and Clank (never heard of it), and Afro Samurai (no thanks).. so.. I guess my expectations really aren't that high, but... with Bobby Kotick in charge, I don't think he's going to give them room for much adjustments on controls and view of everything... he's going to want everything structured. But who knows? Maybe I'll be surprised.

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