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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Xbox360 - The average chick who wished she was hot

 So my mom-mom (grandmother for those who don't know) moved in officially yesterday.. So I wasn't able to just wake up and be able to access my Xbox Live, also.. I was rearranging the whole upstairs for my boyfriend for his birthday (who said romance was dead?).. and because Comcast was down.. so, alot of things were really fighting against me..

 But when I was able to look at it with my boyfriend at night.. I was terrified. The transition of my face was like:

 And how dare you, Microsoft. How dare you make me have my face turn to beyond what I thought was impossible in such timing. It was so weird.. I knew I was expecting a slight makeover.. you know, some designes here and there, a bit of make-up and hair spray.. nope.. this Xbox Skank got a whole liposuction and face lift procedure.

  After several years of using the same layout.. sure, we grew to love it and could even navigate through it with out eyes closed, and that's probably why this new one it's slightly complicated.. but still. Does anyone remember when facebook got a "makeover"? You should, it happened within the past year, everyone was making groups about how facebook needed to change their new layout back to the old one, but then we understood the new layout and I'm sure now we just like it more now than what we did the whole one because of all the functions. I guess it's like this... somewhat. I still don't like it.

  While the color and the designs are nice, they redid the characters.. and now they just look weird. Has anyone actually seen a person walking around with a head bigger than their own body? Because if you have, they're probably ethiopians and they have health issues.. it's not healthy to have a giant sphere resting on a tiny stick figure.. why do you think lollipops break so easily?
   But the people are just.. weird looking, the loading logo is annoying looking and it pauses and it's downright frustrating when you have a clip of something and it doesn't repeate smoothly. It's like in the old days of myspace when people would try to make glowing images but it didn't flow right... it's annoying. If you can't do a glow right, or a motion, get off and get someone else who can. I don't have a degree in graphic arts or developing software, but I can sure as hell make a looping image flow smoother than Microsoft can.

    But the job of the dashboard or loading screen is to get you to get pumped about killing some people.. or playing simple casual games, whichever... and this doesn't do that for me. I just feel like staring at it and getting completely hit in the face with a big paddle of peice of crap designing repeatedly. Like I've said in previous posts... it's like two dogs humping, you don't want to look at it, but you can't stop.

    (I was thinking of looking up a picture and having it here, but I'm not into that so I refrained. Some things I will just not do for this blog.)
   With the new xbox thing, I just don't know what to think. It'll always be in the middle of the Wii and the PS3 as far as aesthetics are concerned.. and I think it's trying to copy the sleek and high-tech look that the PS3 Menu has.. but, it just doesn't work, and that's why I have to slap it with the good 'ol FAIL stamp. The menu was fine before.. it didn't need to be changed and I think they're selling themselves in a superficial way in order to try and keep up with competitiors.. I mean, come on.. the Holidays are around the corner, Xbox is awesome, but PS3 is newer and it's coming out with the same new accessories that the 360 is coming with that took years for it to get. So.. I don't know.. I suppose I'll have to go through the Dashboard, get used to it and then I'll quit complaining... or maybe I'll just find something else to nag about, who knows?

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